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see you in 2022!

Hello and thank you for visiting Shetland Songwriting Festival website! We're taking a pause this year and will be back in 2022. 
The festival brings the very best UK songwriters and tutors to Shetland to share and communicate their knowledge and songcraft with you. 
The aim of the festival is to spark ideas in a relaxed, friendly and encouraging environment - allowing you to get the most out of the weekend.
The workshops are open to EVERYONE, from complete beginners to experienced songwriters. 
Develop your skills through a series of workshops run by highly experienced tutors, who are among the best songwriters in the UK. The workshops will focus on the tools of songwriting - including song structure, lyrics, melody, meter, song subject, and collaboration.  



12 hours of workshops


Saturday concert ticket


Sunday Sharing Session

This is a great opportunity to learn, create and develop your songwriting skills.  The workshops will provide you with useful tools which will motivate and inspire your songwriting.
Jenny Sturgeon