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new for 2024!

Songwriting and Sail
with Jenny Sturgeon and Boo Hewerdine

26th May to 1st June 2024

Oban to the Outer Hebrides

We're delighted to have teamed up with Sessions and Sail to bring you a very special songwriting voyage for 2024! 

Join us aboard two-masted brigantine Lady of Avenel as we sail from Oban bound for the Outer Hebrides, taking inspiration from this special part of Scotland as we sail past the Sound of Mull, the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, the Small Isles and the various magical islands of the southern Outer Hebrides. Explore the anchorages and harbours we pause in along the way, finishing your trip in Castlebay, Barra.


Aboard, you can enjoy a welcoming and encouraging environment in which you may explore your own songwriting, collaborate with others, or draw inspiration from the voyage and the ever-changing scenes and moods of your surroundings.


You may choose to get involved in the sailing - helping the Lady's crew set sails, steer the ship, or discuss navigation over a coffee with the skipper; or you may prefer to watch the scenery glide past, or look out for whales, dolphins or eagles from the foredeck.


Rest up when you need to in your comfortable twin-berth cabin.

Develop your songwriting skills in the Lady of Avenel's bright saloon, (or on deck if the weather is good), through a series of workshops run by Jenny, Boo and the Sessions and Sail crew; these workshops will focus on the tools of songwriting - including song structure, lyrics, melody, meter, song subject, story songs and much more!


The ship will be your base and your floating home for a week-long voyage of exploration, creativity and music.


The trip and the workshops are open to EVERYONE, from complete beginners to experienced songwriters. No sailing experience is required.


​We look forward to having you join us!

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