from 9am -  registration
10am - WORKSHOP 1
1pm - break for lunch
2pm - WORKSHOP 2
5pm - end of teaching day
7.30pm - tutor concert
(workshop participants get a free ticket for Saturday night)
10am - WORKSHOP 3
1pm - break for lunch
2pm - WORKSHOP 4
4.30pm - end of teaching day


This year the festival will run online, on Zoom. The great thing about going online is that you can take part from anywhere! 


To attend the festival you'll need access to a phone/ipad or laptop and the internet. We will send you links to the sessions before the festival starts. During the workshops there will be a maximum of 25 people on zoom at anytime - 2 songwriting tutors, 22 participants and an administrator (making sure everything runs smoothly and assigning breakout rooms!).  'Breakout rooms' will be available for smaller group tutorials and for collaborative songwriting.

We're aware that 6 hours a day is a looooooong time to sit at a screen. While there will be online group discussion and songwriting exercises, the tutors will also be assigning tasks which mean you can work away from the screen. The tutors will be on hand throughout the workshops if you have questions or need assistance.

The festival brings the very best UK songwriters and tutors online in a relaxed and friendly learning environment to encourage and nurture creativity. During four tutor-lead workshops you will develop your skills and learn songwriting techniques! 
Workshops are open to EVERYONE, from complete beginner to experienced songwriters.
You don't need to play an instrument or read music to take part. We will ensure that everyone's needs are met - the workshops are tailored to suit you! 
Over the weekend you will develop your skills during workshops run by two of the UK's best songwriters. Workshops will focus on the 'tools' of songwriting - including song structure, lyrics, melody, meter, song subject, and collaboration. Each workshop will focus on a different set of skills.  


Each class is restricted to 11 participants. The classes will rotate between the two tutors. The tutors may also work together to lead some joint workshops.

Your ticket for the weekend includes 4 workshops (11 and half hours in total), a ticket to the tutor concert on Saturday evening and a Sunday sharing session. On Sunday after the last workshop there will also be an opportunity for you to share what you've been working on over the weekend during a relaxed and friendly 'sharing session' with the other workshop participants. There will be a short tea break during each workshop.


This year we have moved the festival ONLINE which means you can take part from anywhere. Using Zoom we will be able to bring Rowan and Hannah to your home! 


19th-20th September 2020

The festival runs over 2 days with workshops running between 10am and 5pm. On Saturday evening the tutors will put on a special concert, singing a selection of their songs and discussing how they were written. A select few concert tickets will be available to the public. The festival finishes up on Sunday afternoon with a relaxed 'sharing session'.